The Forged Lands

Cutting the Dragons Throat

Session 16

Outside the cave the group stood among dozens of dead Kobolds. Tired and wounded the chose a short rest despite Jotunn's urging. While resting a rogue stumbled out of the cave. He had been traveling with one of the other adventuring groups, he said they had all been ambushed and he was the only one that managed to escape alive. He had climbed through a small tunnel meant for a kobold for what seemed like a day maybe two.

After a short rest the group decided to proceed into the cave, knowing that they might need a longer rest if there was much more fighting. The followed the tunnel for a ways until they came into a large room. Here some kobolds fired arrows from two paths and then disappeared down some tunnels. The group chose the left passage. As the neared another room some kobold archers fired at them from behind a barricade. Jace being the lead took the brunt of the attack but managed to move quickly and cut the four kobolds down.

The group found themselves in a vast cave system, where one large cavern led into another. Sticking with going left the group moved cautiously from one cavern into the next. Suddenly from above clay jars fell down upon shattering on the ground and their heads. Kobold excrement, and other noxious material splattered onto the group causing them to cough and gasp. It was at this point that the kobolds launched a three prong attack. The battle was fierce, Jace and the rogue fighting in one room while the rest of the party fought in the other. Olann out of spells and relying on his axe fell to the ground. Goreau was injured while running over to aid Olann. Zedd in owlbear form was able to block the kobolds from killing Goreau and Olann. Jotunn fighting to prevent a group coming from the hallway was successful in holding them off but took several wounds in his attempt. By the end of the battle several members were injured, even Jace had taken some significant wounds.

After the battle Jace heard a child crying. He managed to coax the frightened child from her hiding spot. She told him that she had managed to run away and climb through some of the small tunnels. There were seven more children but she wasn't sure if they were alive. There was a big blue monster that was going to eat them. The group asked Jotunn to take the girl back to town, it was dangerous but he was the quickest and most likely to succeed. Jotunn agreed, the girls life had been placed in hands and he was determined that she would live.

As soon as Jotunn left the group they decided to back out of the caves and take a longer rest. They were all injured and would be useless against what they now believed to be a dragon. They set up watches and in the morning once they were rested the headed back into the caves. Deeper into the caves they were attacked by more kobolds with another sorcerer. Their attacks seemed more desperate, their dwindling numbers did not cause them a moments pause. Kyrist managed to make out some of what the kobolds were saying, and finding the missing girl seemed to be of some importance. As the group moved deeper he over heard another kobold say they would have to make do, and start the ritual without the girl.

Eventually they came to a massive cavern, and again kobolds set upon them. As they fought their way into the massive cave more sorcerers attacked. The group managed to defeat these kobolds and move deeper into the massive cavern. They rounded a corner just in time to see a wizard in dark brown and blue robes slice the throat of a blue dragon while several kobold priests chanted. Kobold guards attacked the group, and sorcerers joined the fight again. Magic energy surrounded the children that sat in the middle of a circle in front of the dragon. As the priests chanted energy seemed to flow from the children into the dragon. The wizard that had slit the dragons throat collected some blood and then disappeared.

The group fought the priests in hopes to free the children before their life force could fully be absorbed into the young dragon that seemed to be trying to become a lich. The dragon was attacked by Olan and Zedd, while the rest of the group tried to save the children. As soon as the priest fell the rogue joined Zedd in fighting the dragon. Olann had expended his spells and went down, Goreau in an attempt to save Olann was struck down, leaving just four groups members standing. The went to leap into the air to maneuver for an attack, the rogue seized the opportunity and swinging mightily with his rapier severed the dragons tail. At the same time  the owlbear form of Zedd saw an opportunity and bit deeply into it's underbelly. The entrails of the dragon rained down on Zedd and the rogue and the dragon thundered into the ground dead. (Two attacks of opportunity, one for Zedd one for the Rogue, two crits at a very fortunate time. The dice gods smiled upon the table this night.)

Two of the children were dead but Goreau was able to bring them back before they completely expired. All the children are alive and the group readies to head out of the caves.


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