The fighting in city continued through the night. Forty of Wyrann's elite guard had been sent out into the city and the soldiers they lead continued to hold out against the overwhelming odds. Early in the battle it looked as though the resistance might fail, but then it seemed as though every citizen participated in some way. The soldiers in Wyrann's from Kings Falls were faced with a barrage of insults, often from their own mothers. Ashamed these soldiers took off their tabards and joined the resistance. The momentum completely swung when the half-orc army reached the city.

In the Mountains, the goliaths and dwarves were attacked by a horde of twenty seven slaad most of the slaad were killed but the mountain folk had great losses. Six of the slaad managed to get away into the mountains.

Sporadically throughout the night chants of King Goreau rose up over the sounds of battle. Word filtered back that several of Wyrann's generals in the field died before a battle even started. Several younger officers had been part of Goreau's resistance and in the confusion of the dead generals they took charge of their units and raised banners of Kings Falls. As the Kings Falls banners started replacing Wyrann's banners confusion and then battle ensued. The calvary from Kaspolis attacked those loyal to Wyrann and soon Wyrann's forces were leaderless and scattered.

By the morning the fighting had settled. Some of Wyrann's elite guard had managed to flee the city with some of their men. Early estimates suggest there are around 1600 dead, and a further 4500 wounded. The heaviest losses coming from the areas where the elite guard lead the fight, and those that fought slaad in the mountains. Of the 112 (soldiers and prisoners) in the keep only 8, all half orcs, survived. On the second floor of the keep two elite guards and the wizards they each protected were found dead.

I am busy this weekend but will try to work on the recap as I can. Experience is posted.

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