The gods are warring, Xarce is dead and Oroc has foreseen his own death. Paladins of Tiara are hunting the group. The group has learned many of their actions, whether intentional or not, have helped launch the world on a path to upheaval and war. Diomedes the seer has told them one of their own unwanted sons has taken issue with the gods and used the Tear of Spectrus found in Ackolar to kill Xarce, and he plans to kill all the gods. The group is incapable of stopping all of this but the can make the world a little better by stopping the Xin Beast. With this knowledge hanging over their heads they set out to find an ancient artifact that might help them defeat the Xin Beast, and stop him from creating a permanent gate to Limbo. On their travels the group help a village under threat from ogres, and then give the village some coin to help them out. Have they turned a new leaf? 

Latest Updates:

Since we are heading out to sea I am doing some research, I will be soon posting an updated water vessel list with some expanded characteristics.

I though it was a good time to check in with everyone, and get some thoughts on the campaign. I have put up a player questionnaire in the rumours section. You can either answer the questions there or send me a private response if you prefer.

Session 28 recap has been completed in the adventure log.

Session 27 recap has been completed in the adventure log.